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Even though many pieces of legislation impose regulatory requirements on the NPO sector, a serious lack of compliance in this sector was uncovered last week.

According to the Ministry of Social Development, more than half of the 140 513 NPO’s are non-compliant. Chief Executive of the SA Institute of Tax Professionals, Stiaan Klue, believes “as professional bodies we realise that volunteers manage most NPO’s, with a passion for helping the poor. Under dire and difficult circumstances these volunteers allocate all of their time to helping people in need. It is therefore perhaps understandable that compliance may fall by the way side”.

So what is the potential risk to NPO’s if they do not comply?

  • They may be taxed as a normal business would be (28 %)

  • May be liable for penalties

  • May be unable to claim expenditure

  • Funding from donors may cease as you would be unable to issue valid “Donation Certificates”

We have experience in assisting NPO’s to become compliant and charge preferential rates. We are also willing to spread our fee over 12 months in order to help with cash flow.

So how will we help you become compliant?

  • Assist in adequate record keeping

  • Income Tax Returns

  • Annual Returns to Department of Social Welfare

If you are uncertain about whether your NPO is compliant or need more information about “Income Tax for Public Benefit”, “PBO Tax Breaks” or “Tax Exemption for PBO’s”, do not hesitate to contact us.

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